Medical division & population health

Increasing engagement and revenue

HealthMed provides Patient Engagement services for your Medicare population by improving the percentage of patients you reach. We work with a wide range of clinical and non-clinical organizations to create a network that enables cost efficient care coordination both with our Annual Wellness Visits and our Chronic Care Management programs. Our job is to manage risk, coordinate care and evaluate individual outcomes. Our services are based on a shared reimbursement system so there is no up-front costs to the provider.

Patient Engagement

We work with providers to capture the patients that they cannot.  Our annual wellness visits can be conducted in the patient’s home or in the office.  The home visits are conducted by a nurse practitioner so they can evaluate the patient’s needs for services and equipment.  A detailed report is given to the provider with recommendations for follow up and services needed based on each patient’s diagnoses.  Often patients are not honest about their living conditions or their abilities. The real benefit for in-home wellness visits is to get a realistic evaluation of each patient’s true environment and capabilities.  If providers choose the in-office option, software is provided to assist the staff in creating a similar report.

Care Planning

While conducting the annual wellness visit, staff can also gather the needed information for Advanced Care Planning. This is a billable service and is best completed when coupled with the Annual Wellness Visit.

Chronic Care Management

CMS’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) reimbursement program was created to provide consistency of care between visits for patients with two or more chronic conditions.  It provides reimbursement for the time spent assisting patients between appointments. Like many government programs, it can be rather complicated.  Many providers do not bill for this service because of the time needed to meet the requirements.  HealthMed provides the staff, the software and the time required to comply with CMS standards.  Our Digital Care Platform connects your practice and patients on a stable and secure cloud-based service.  With the assistance of HealthMed, providers can  improve patient engagement and quality of care while increasing revenue.

In today’s healthcare environment, providers are faced with additional demands which include a lower reimbursement for the level of care provided along with a higher non-reimbursed administrative burden. The result is that less time is available for providing the patient care that improves outcomes, encourages patient engagement and drives revenue. Our patient engagement solution streamlines and enhances all your patient interactions from scheduling appointments to post-encounter communication and billing. Enhanced patient care leads to increased revenue and compliance while reducing your non- reimbursable workload.

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administrative task, liabilities, care gaps, crisis/ acute care episodes, under billing, expenses and burdens.
a turnkey solution that is designed to be further customized to achieve your specific needs and desired objectives.