Breakfast: Is It the Most Important Meal?

Breakfast: Is It the Most Important Meal?

How many people actually eat breakfast every morning? We have all heard for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why?

Break the fast:

You wouldn’t drive your car without any gas, so why would you make your body function without fuel? After sleeping, your body is drained of its fuel sources, because it has fasted all night.  To wake up properly, your body must first be refueled. Breakfast gives your body the boost it needs to function successfully during the day. By breaking up the word breakfast, you can find why it is such a critical meal; you need to break the fast. By skipping this meal, you are making yourself more tired and irritable.

The benefits of eating breakfast are just too good to miss. Breakfast helps you perform and concentrate better throughout the day. Several studies show that eating breakfast helps to improve memory and the retention of new information. When you skip out on breakfast, the brain may not have enough glucose and will need to convert protein and fat into energy causing a lack of clarity and foggy memory. Experts have also found that you actually eat less during the day when you start your day with breakfast, helping you to better maintain your weight. Many times, people who skip breakfast find themselves reaching for high calorie snacks and eating larger meals throughout the day leading to weight gain. In addition, eating breakfast can speed up your metabolism, while skipping it encourages it to slow down.

As busy individuals, it may seem like there is no time for breakfast in the morning; however, breakfast can be as simple as grabbing a banana and eating it on your way to work or class. So, everyone should have time for breakfast! For those of you who don’t like breakfast foods, it’s okay to eat foods that aren’t traditionally eaten in the morning. Breakfast can be as quick and simple as you make it.

Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas:

– Hardboiled egg with a piece of whole grain toast

– Nonfat plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit

– 1 cup of steel cut oats

– 1 banana

– Breakfast bar (Larabar, RX bar, KIND bar)

– 2 slices of whole grain toast

– Bowl of whole grain cereal, berries and skim milk

– Smoothie

– ½ cup of berries

– Homemade trail mix

– Avocado on whole wheat toast

– Quinoa fruit salad

– Smoothie bowl

– Nut butter toast

– Oatmeal with fruit

– 1 whole grain English muffin

– Cottage cheese with fruit

– Fruit and yogurt parfait

– Omelet with fresh veggies

Want more inspiration for healthy breakfast ideas? Check out these great recipes:

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